Montevideo Programme, meeting of national focal points (Geneva, 12-14 September 2018)

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Laure Singla and Kablan Jean-Michel ATTA, CIDCEs’ representative, Geneva, 12-14 septembre 2018

From 12 to 14 September 2018, the first meeting of the national focal points of the Programme for the Development and Period Review of Environmental Law (Montevideo Programme) was held in Geneva. The main objective of this meeting was to take stock of the Montevideo Programme IV and to consider the perspectives of the next decade that will start in 2020, Montevideo V. The CIDCE was represented by Kablan Jean-Michel ATTA Project manager) and Laure SINGLA (Legal consultant, member of CIDCE). Several proposals were made by CIDCE (pdf) for the future Montevideo V program. Among these proposals, that of the establishment of legal indicators to assess the effectiveness of environmental law were taken into account and included in the repports of the meeting.

Reports from the meeting (Google docs)


UN Environment’s work has been organised and coordinated through a series of 10 year programmes. Programme for the Development and Period Review of Environmental Law (Montevideo Programme) has consistently set the strategy

– Provided framework within which MEAs were negotiated

– Provided broad strategies, based on priorities established by countries

– Not designed using conventional result-based management

The first Montevideo Programme (1982) was developed as a strategic guidance plan in fulfilment of UNEP’s mandate to develop international agreements, principles, guidelines and standards. The second Montevideo Programme (1993) was based largely upon the requirements outlined in Agenda 21 adopted at the United Nation Conference on Environment and Development in 1992. The third Montevideo Programme (2001) included twenty components organised under three main themes: 1. Effectiveness of environmental law; 2. Conservation and management; 3. Relationship with other fields


Resolution 2/19 introduced new component to the Montevideo Programme— system of national focal points. This is a new feature, which has been designed to enhance the engagement of countries in the strengthening and development of environmental law worldwide. These focal points, although nominated at a later phase of implementation of Montevideo IV do nevertheless play a key role in assessing the Programme and in identifying priorities and direction for a possible new phase.

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