Environmentally displaced persons

Following the awareness of multiple actors of the enormity of past, present and future problems and tragedies related to environmentally displaced persons, in 2005, an international symposium on “environmental refugees” was organized in Limoges. In line with the call made on 23 June 2005, from June to December 2008, seven working days were held at the Faculty of Law and Economics of Limoges to prepare this project. This working group of thematic teams comprised of the CRIDEAU (Interdisciplinary Centre for Research in Environmental Law, Land and Urban Development), the CRDP (Research Centre for the Rights of the Person), and the OMIJ ( Observatory of Institutional and Juridical Mutations), counted legal scholars (Private and public law, international and internal law specialists, environmental and human rights legal specialists) as well as academic economists. The CIDCE (International Centre of Comparative Environmental Law) supported this research. The whole project was submitted for critical analysis to legal colleagues, scientists, philosophers and experts working with international and regional organizations and NGOs.

Projet de Convention relative au statut international des déplacés environnementaux (troisième version – mai 2013)

29 agosto 2014 Declaração Universal relativa aos Deslocados Ambientais

Progetto di Convenzione relativa allo statuto internazionale dei profughi ambientali (seconda versione – maggio 2010)

Draft Convention on the international status of environmentally displaced persons (third version – May 2013)

Proyecto de convenio relativo al estatuto internacional de los desplazados ambientales (segunda versión – mayo 2010)

Projeto de Convenção relativa ao estatuto internacional dos « deslocados » ambientais

Présentation du projet de Convention par Michel Prieur lors du Colloque “Les catastrophes écologiques et le Droit” le 13 mars 2009 (fichier audio .MP3)

Présentation de Jean-Pierre Marguénaud en marge du Conseil des Droits de l’Homme de Genève le 16 septembre 2009 (.PDF)

Vous pouvez également écouter l’émission de France Culture du 18 juillet 2010 consacrée au thème des réfugiés climatiques:

Place des peuples “Les réfugiés climatiques” (François Gemenne et Julien Bétaille) (fichier audio .MP3)