IUCN World Conservation Congress Hawai'i 2016

IUCN World Conservation Congress Hawai’i 2016

need to accelerate discussion on High Seas, lessons learned both inshore & non-terrestrial marine #IUCNCongress pic.twitter.com/H58sEpOpu8

— CIDCE.ORG (@cidcelaw) September 3, 2016

Workshop Program / Programme Atelier
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Knowledge Café Program/ Programme Café des Connaissances
Page sur le site de l’UICN – IUCN site

#IUCNCongress empower all peoples to access information, protect nature and themselves pic.twitter.com/egKLHoNH03

— CIDCE.ORG (@cidcelaw) September 5, 2016

Very successful transboundary session by Cidcelaw pic.twitter.com/UVnq3bNOyP

— CIDCE.ORG (@cidcelaw) September 5, 2016

#IUCNCongress principle of non regression can also work for cross border protected areas @iucn_wcel Sumava Czech pic.twitter.com/475fZQDxwo

— CIDCE.ORG (@cidcelaw) September 4, 2016