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CIDCE Proposed Draft of the International Covenant on the Human Right to the Environment English HERE (Spanish translation forthcoming)

Projet de Pacte international relatif au droit des êtres humains à l’environnement du CIDCE

(en français ICI)

In Memoriam

Wolfgang E. Burhenne

Dear Friends,

On January 6th, after 3 weeks of hospice care with his family at home, Wolfgang Burhenne peacefully died. His daughter is preparing his obituary, and will be in touch about it and about a memorial celebration of his life which she is planning, as Wolfgang’s request, probably for February or March.

We have lost a friend who was a genius in the crafting of international environment law, and as the work he and Francoise did lives on, so in nourishing the systems of legal stewardship of nature, which they created together, we sustain a lifetime of achievement in caring for the Earth. Let us renew our endeavors in companionship with Wolfgang’s aspirations.

In sadness,


Prof. Nicholas A. Robinson

Elisabeth Haub School of Law at Pace University

Resource to share:
CLIMATE CHANGE: A Comparative Overview of the Rights Based Approach in the Americas, by the Organization of American States (OAS), 2016
Available HERE