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President:  Professor Michel PRIEUR


Climate change and the need to protect the environment make us realize the urgent need to act to save the planet and species so that both can coexist harmoniously with humankind. Environmental policies and law play a crucial role in realizing this goal. Learn all about the evolution of environmental policy and environmental law worldwide from the ultimate reference: International Center for Comparative Environmental Law (CIDCE).

The CIDCE is an environmental law actor. An NGO with special consultative status with the UN ECOSOC in New York, the CIDCE aims to promote progress in protecting the planet through its global network of experts in environmental law. To this end, we participate in major international conferences on the environment and sustainable development and prepare reform proposals that we submit to States and international organizations.

The CIDCE is a place for exchange and innovation in the service of civil society, local and regional authorities and companies concerned about their environmental and social responsibilities. The CIDCE is the spokesman for the interests of humankind’s future.

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